The perfect environment for data/storage.


Data Containers provide an integrated conditioned, server/data/comms environment. The standard shipping container offers a raft of benefits over the usual "in building" problems. Either our standard offerings with a choice of power ratings, including heat dispersal all within the standard shipping container, means a flexible, transportable but secure solution.


Reliable, safe and managed*

Essential Back-Up

Fully Customisable

Data Containers take an "out of the box" approach to server and comms accommodation. We know that these delicate electronics need a fixed temperature and humidity environment, with a constant electrical supply, that's standard in the build.

We offer a choice of generators fitted within the container outer frame. This keeps the footprint and movement of the container within the standard perameters.


Either pick one of our '"out of the box' data containers or work with one of our expert consultants to build a fully bespoke data container to suit your needs. 

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